The Easiest Re-Invention - Simply Take The Leap and Be.

The Easiest Re-Invention - Simply Take The Leap and Be.



The above is one of my favorite sayings - a go-to saying, really. Whenever I need a little pick-me-up - I channel this. (And I remind myself that I am the one who said it in the first place!) ;)


The reason is it couldn't be a more simple yet powerful shift maker. 


Often, we wait and wait until everything is happening to take The Leaps we need to take in our personal lives and our businesses. 


But to catapult the change we want - all we have to do is step into who we want to show up as... TODAY.


I am not saying that leaping is without nerves, moxy, or even super easy. New territory is wild and can be tricky to navigate, but glory! I would rather navigate the unknown than feel stuck with the eh/meh while I wait and wait and wait for a shift. 


Here are a few simple ways to start making the change in your personal life or your career/business. 


1. Start with your wardrobe. Channel the woman or man you want to see yourself as and start dressing like them. Don't wait till you lose another 20 lbs. Start today. Create a capsule elevated-style wardrobe now. How you dress is a powerful way to infuse some spark into your current life and catapult you into new territory. 


- Make it easy. Create seven outfits that complement and activate how you want to see yourself. Even easier - pick items that can mix and match to create multiple looks. So you are only curating a few things to give you this Next Level Style wardrobe. And be daring! Let the clothes inspire you. 


- Take it up a notch! Have your new wardrobe represent you AS your brand. This brand palette, what your brand says to the world, who your client is, how you serve them and then BE the representative of all you stand for through your look. That is powerful! 


2. Change your social media profiles, cover shots, and bios to meet up with your Next Level. Speak to who you see yourself as. Make the photos inspiring for YOU! So when you see them, you feel a "ping" and remind yourself of what you want.


3. Do something Bold.

For businesses - perhaps you change your prices, eliminate some items you no longer want to offer, add in NEW OFFERS, or create a bold-to-you post on your social media channels.


If you work for a company, change your desk display, bring something that lights you up and put that on your workspace, ask for a raise, release what you can, and start adding what will move you further in your career. 


(Note: I keep saying "to you" because the person to romance here is YOU! If you are inspired, your audience will follow in that inspiration.)


What steps can you take this week to reinvent yourself and business to meet your dreams? 




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