Entrepreneurial Thick Skin Conditioning 101

Entrepreneurial Thick Skin Conditioning 101

What happens when you receive feedback that is negative and hurtful?

There you are, feeling vibrant, excited about your possibilities, and happy with the shifts you are making in your business and life, and then…flop, you trip up on a comment from someone. Ouch!

You were not expecting that right then. You knew it could happen, that is business and life, but you were not expecting it that day, or perhaps from that person. It hurts!

So what next?

Our instinct may instantly be one of defending ourselves, our choices, and our business. This is a fierce drive in our soul that, glory knows, will feel so great at the moment but reality defending will instantly go downhill.

You do not need to defend anything to anyone.

That is not why you have made the business decisions you have created. You know why you are doing what you desire to do to move forward.

But the real reason defending yourself is pointless is that it does absolutely nothing good for you or your business.

There is nothing you can do to change how people perceive your next steps or what you bring to the world.

However - YOU can change how you react when you feel hit in the gut of your vision.

These three simple remembrances will help when your entrepreneurial world finds you in a thick-skin conditioning state. 

1. Remember your reasons Why. Why you do what you do. What are your intentions and goals? What are the rewards? Why do you feel so absolutely passionate about it all?

2. Remember those who stand with you. Who are your champions? Reach out to them if you need to. Better to share with them how you are feeling and receive their perspective rather than react. They have your best interest at heart. 

3. Remember love and compassion. We cannot know what people are thinking, why, or what is happening to them. So showing compassion, forgiveness, and love speaks volumes. Eyes on the prize.

While these are very simple, when in the middle of feeling hurt, simple may not be present. These three remembrances will help you out of the muck and back into your path moving forward. 

Here is the good news about negative feedback - it does mean you are moving upward. It's true! Remember the old statement, bad press is good press? Well, if your posts or actions are getting comments then you are making an effect. 

New levels can be scary for many, so when you make a move up, it can feel threatening. It is good to remind yourself that you are going for it. You are taking action toward your vision.

And it is all thick-skin-conditioning.

You got this! 

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